Miss Grand Hong Kong 2023 現正招募!

Miss Grand Hong Kong 2023 現正招募!
優勝者將於今年十月,代表香港參與Miss Grand International,為期一個月的國際選美盛事。
1. 擁有香港身份證
2. 18-28歲
3. 身高165cm以上
即可報名!歡迎各位Model參與,5月30日截止,報名詳情可Scan QR code,填寫Google Form。
Do you want to take part as Miss Grand Hong Kong 2023? Apply before 30 May for selection to represent Hong Kong!
The winner will represent Hong Kong for Miss Grand International in October.

If you have HKID, 18-28 years old and above 165cm, just scan the QR code and fill in the form.

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