Kitty Wong

Temporary accessories model wanted for photoshoot
日期:10月3日星期六 | Sat, 3 Oct
時間:下午時段(另議) | Afternoon (exact time TBD
地點:葵涌區 | Kwai Chung area
1)有拍攝首飾經驗優先,主要手部及上半身 |
Accessories photoshoot experience preferred, mainly hands and torso
2)工作時間4小時 | 4-hour photoshooting time
3)形象清爽,親切,開朗 | Friendly, jolly, fresh and clean image
4)直髮較優,長短均可 | Straight hair preferred, either long or short
5)model需自行化粧及梳理頭髮 | model is required to take care of own make-up and hair
薪酬:$150-200 per hour
Please dm whatsapp number and IG/compcards/photos。Thanks!


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